Nigel Gates

Even at seven, I was chasing a beagle pack across the Wiltshire countryside. I was an English Schools cross country and 1500 medallist. Later, as a Senior, I ran a 28.19 10k, a 63.01 half marathon and won races all over Europe, including many a mountain race. As a Master, I have won 20 World titles, set 3 world age records and won Masters road races in the USA.

When my legs finally started complaining I took up Triathlon at 55 to win British and European titles. I have applied new lessons learned to be fully back to running now and I recently represented the England O/65 team in the British and Irish Cross Country.

Of course, there are runners with better times but almost no one has run with success over such a long time. Throughout all of this, I have always worked and I have brought up a family, as I believe running should add to a full and interesting life.  However, many of my best running memories are of training and racing in the Swiss mountains and I would enjoy imparting any running wisdom I have, to you, in this inspiring setting. 

World Masters Championships
World Masters Championships 2007
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