Running Camp Itinerary

Our running camp itinerary will be structured to ensure each individual gets the most from the variety of activities we are offering. These include:

  • A morning social run – Typically between 5-8km
  • A daily main run on the beautiful trails around Nendaz, incorporating different training elements and coaching, that are grouped by ability to include everyone
  • During the week you will have the opportunity to experience interval training, hill reps and a track session
  • Each group member will have the opportunity to have 1:1 sessions with our coaches to look in detail at your current training programme and how to plan for your next major event.
  •  A daily presentation and discussion on subjects such as
    • goal setting and planning a training schedule
    • strength and conditioning
    • intervals, drills, hills, and tempo running
    • mountain running and racing
    • preparing for a marathon
    • sharing our experiences and advice on how to avoid injuries
  • The week will culminate with a mountain race on 1st August (Swiss National Day) at a nearby village. There are options to race at various distances
  • There will be organised and guided walks for non-running partners
  • There will also be time for you to chill out, with the opportunity to go on excursions and explore the area

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